White oaks represent wisdom and longevity.  This magestic member of the oak family lives for hundreds of years in undisturbed forests with a canopy that can spread up to 100 feet.  This pendant was inspired by a 200 year old oak on my Appalachian property.  I examined leaves off the ground for weeks until I found the perfect one.  And here she is, the most gorgeous white oak leaf model you will ever meet, dangling around your own neck for the world to see.  The leaf is copper (or gold brass if you choose) and the leather cord has a metalic bronze finish ornamented with sterling silver beads.  The cord measures 28.5" with a 2" chain extender.  The leaf itself is 2.5"  x  1.25".  Because leaves are hand cut, no two leaves will be exactly the same. The copper or brass has been treated to delay tarnishing.  If your piece eventually tarnishes, a quick polish with a little toothpaste brings it right back to shine!  (Precious fact;  The oldest known white oak was over 600 years old when it passed away in Basking Ridge, New Jersey in 2016.)

Oak Leaf Necklace

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