Write what you want to manifest, put it into the canister, & wear it over your heart.   I've found this to be very transformative for me.  I've worn mantras over my heart that have changed my negative thought patterns into positive ones and helped me manifest amazing things into my life!  So I wanted to create these for everyone in hopes that others will find them to be as therapeautic as I have.  Canister and chain are sterling silver.  You also have the option of ordering a simple Tree Bark Canister without the heart for $112.  Each purchase includes a set of typed up mantras.  These mantras I've collected and used from mentors and women who have helped and influenced me over the years.  This pendant is also wonderful for holding the ashes of someone dear to you over your heart.  Please check chain length/style options below.

Heart Carved into a Tree Manifestation Pendant

Chain Length
  • I am happy to accept returns and refund any purchase within 30 days.   Or I will exchange your piece for one a different size, etc.