My Story (or at least a smidgen of it)ory

Once upon a time I was a decent gymnast and diver.  Then at age 15 my rotation was thrown off as I twisted around in the air on a back flip, and BAM!  I smashed my face on the diving board.  My teeth prints were left in the board.  I made it through a long night of surgery but the accident essentially left me with only a partial upper jaw bone.   A decent chunk of my upper jaw still remains missing.  Like cleft palate patients, I have had to have over 20 corrective surgeries in my life time.  And what did I decide to be when I grew up?  A singer!  Because a girl can't let hundreds of stitches, missing teeth, and a palatal deformation get in the way of a good time.   I'm a professional musician (singer, songwriter, guitar player, and violin enthusiast.)   I'm also a wilderness junkie.  I've backpacked all over the western hemisphere and do river trips around Appalachia.  I'm a defender of wilderness and wildlife.  I do my metalsmithing in a little shed behind my Appalachian home  (that my partner and I built with our own two hands,) and seasonally I head on up to my tiny sailboat where I anchor out in a cove on a lake and work on jewelry pieces, play violin, and swim around.  Sunset is the best time to pull the anchor and go for a sail! Thank you so much for stopping by my metalsmith store!  Please check out my music store and download some tunes at   Have a wonderful day!